An integrated awareness campaign created for Friends of the Earth Netherlands to address the ongoing struggle against Shell’s pollution in Nigeria.


To generate excitement around the campaign website, we introduced our very own Shell spokesman to the world, and announced the arrival of the Live with it! iPhone app. This video with the help of actor David Rasche went trending on Youtube after 6 hours and appeared on influential sites such as the Huffington Post and Mashable.


Shell to leave Nigeria

August 2013, Shell announces that due to the increased spills and pressure from environmental groups  they will stop all oil production inside Nigeria. BBC News


Outcome appeal against Shell: victory for the environment and the Nigerian people

December 18, 2015 - Four Nigerian farmers and Friends of the Earth Netherlands welcome today’s ruling by the Court of Appeals in The Hague allowing them to jointly sue Shell in the Netherlands for causing extensive oil spills in Nigeria.


The ruling is unique and can pave the way for victims of environmental pollution and human rights abuses worldwide to turn to the Netherlands for legal redress when a Dutch company is involved. In addition to competence question, the Court also ruled in favor of Friends of the Earth Netherlands and the Nigerian farmers regarding the issue of access to internal company documents, Shell must give access to internal company documents.


CEO of Shell Uncensored

It all started with a so-called “video-prank” which immediately was taken offline by Shell. The Dutch website Dumpert integrated the movie where the fight against Shell could have a fresh and safe start.

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